Me Spaces

Create a warm & cosy zone just for you!

We’ve got six great (and easy!) ways to create a retreat in your own home. Choose a “me space” style that suits you

MEN HAVE long had their dedicated escape space – often it’s the shed. But it can be hard for mum to find her very own “me space” in the family home. The answer? Find an area or nook – or if you can, a whole room! – that you can adapt and decorate as a place just for you.

Home Office

ME-SPACE STYLE A place for home-office tasks, to write, work on your blog, or just to think.

ME SPACE STYLE home office

ME SPACE STYLE home office

HOW TO Create a breakout area with a sleek desk and dress it up. The desk should have drawers so stationery, etc, can be hidden away, leaving the top clear for decorative items that will inspire a productive workflow. Add a comfy sofa with oversized cushions and a snuggly sheepskin so you can kick back and relax when you need to.

creative COOKING

ME-SPACE STYLE A place for enthusiastic chefs, weekend bakers, and everyone who loves testing out the latest cookbooks. Read the list of kitchen stuffs.

ME-SPACE STYLE A place for enthusiastic chefs

ME-SPACE STYLE A place for enthusiastic chefs

HOW TO Organise and decorate the kitchen just the way you like it – don’t think about it as just a boring white space for preparing family meals. Add art to the walls and paint the cupboard doors. Install compartmentalised shelving, as shown here. It’s practical and looks fantastic because everyday items like glassware and cookbooks can become graphic displays. Clear glass jars, labelled containers and ample bench space will keep your kitchen in perfect order.

noise-free NOOK

ME-SPACE STYLE A place to get away from all the racket that comes with kids, TVs, radios and gaming consoles.

ME-SPACE STYLE: peaceful style

ME-SPACE STYLE: peaceful style

pamper PLACE

ME-SPACE STYLE A place to attend to those little luxuries you sometimes can’t find time for.

HOW TO Family bathrooms can be busy places, and it’s no fun doing your nails standing in front of the bathroom sink, so set up a private area somewhere in the house where you can attend to these very necessary things! Keep the colour palette neutral to create a spa-like vibe, and add bright pops of colour through accessories. No room for tables? Place your pampering products and a lovely scented candle on small stools, which can double as seats for when friends pop over for a facial, too, or perhaps when hubbie wants to give you a foot rub!

reading RETREAT

ME-SPACE STYLE A well-lit place to relax and read.

ME SPACE STYLE: place to read

ME SPACE STYLE:  with reclining chairs -place to read

HOW TO You need a chair with arms and a comfy cushion. Arrange your reading zone in a spot where there’s good natural light, and have overhead lighting (here, clustered pendants) for the evening. A warming throw, a snuggly rug underfoot and a side table for your cuppa complete the picture. A “do not disturb” sign is optional!

garden STATION

ME-SPACE STYLE A place to attend to all those gardening jobs you’ve been meaning to do.

HOW TO Instead of the usual outdoor table setting, get hold of a sturdy wooden bench, great for potting and planning your garden space. For entertaining, just dress it up with a cute tablecloth and add seating. If you’ve got a brick ledge, like in this backyard, it could be used as bench seating.