Top 5 equipment every beginner of woodworking must have

If you are a new user who would like to get started as a woodworker, you could think that you will need to buy a lot of professional power equipment to start your woodworking tasks, which will cost you a fortune. Nevertheless, the fact is that you do not need to waste much money on those woodworking equipment and the only thing you should do is to read the following top 5 power equipment to start. Those equipment that I suggest below won’t make you go frustrated and some of them are very affordable and cheap. As a beginner, you could use them to resolve many woodworking tasks.

With those top 5 woodworking equipment, we have listed them in the order of importance.

  1. Buzz saw

The first equipment that I highly recommend is the buzz saw. You would think that it is only a carpentry machine, but I want to consider it as a great woodworking equipment. As a flexible standard power machine, a buzz saw is more effective than other power devices. It could be able to tackle many projects as precisely as a table saw. You can even use it to cut average-density fibreboard and plywood. If you only have a tight budget, such a quality buzz saw could be a mandatory power equipment for you thanks to its flexibility and versatility.

  1. Power Drill

When it comes to drill, you could think of the best cordless drills. Nevertheless, a corded drill could be much more helpful, powerful and flexible than a cordless drill when you tackle woodworking tasks. A cordless, of course, means more flexible but more expensive or less powerful compared to a corded one. When you select a drill, some choices must be taken into consideration, namely the size of the chuck, with or without key, straight or hammer drill.

  1. Jigsaw

The third power equipment in this review is a jigsaw. You could easily use it to cut curved or circular models in stock. A band saw, of course, could be more precise and could be used to cut larger patterns. Nevertheless, for a new user, the jigsaw (also known as sabre saw) is effective and good enough to tackle woodworking tasks. While selecting a jigsaw, you should remember that an orbital action cordless jigsaw is more flexible and comfortable in your hands. Moreover, it also integrates a straightforward system of blade changing

  1. Table saw

If you have the 3 equipment mentioned above, now it is time for you to get a table saw. As an important device, it is strongly essential for all woodworking shops. It is the center tool which other woodworking devices are used and arranged. Thus, you have enough motivation to buy one of the most suitable table saws depending on your budget. Before making your decision, you should take some time to find out which characteristics you expect the most and how much money you could to pay for them. If you have a limited budget, some inessential characteristics should be ignored.

  1. Router

A router is the last equipment I strongly suggest for a woodworking user. Speaking of choosing a high quality one, which kinds of base you should consider to select from? A fixed base or a drop one? In my personal opinion, the fixed base version is a suitable choice, because a lot of projects could be done and it also could be arranged in a router table which you could build or purchase someday. A 2 HP router is essential and electrical variable pace control is also important because various cutting pieces need various speeds.

Frank Colin is me, a DIYer. As you know, to be a DIYer is not easy at all. We should learn a lot of things to create beautiful products by ourselves. In order to be well preparation DIYer, I just want to share my tips in power tools, home improvement, DIY… You can find it useful and creative and use it in your life. Hence, you can create some beautiful products or furniture as the present for your family and friends.