What Recliners and Sleeper Sofas on The Market Do You Prefer?

Best Sleeper Sofa and Textiles for Sofas on the Market

For HBF Textiles, Barry continues to bring her sense of understated luxury and subtle color variation to the contract market. At the same time, she says, “HBF Textiles has allowed me to bring my residential sensibilities to this collection.” Atmosphere includes seven patterns in 11 colors based on “the atmosphere that color can evoke,” says Barry. “How color can create a mood. It is an emotional response.” The collection includes: Satin Stripe, made of 100 percent lambswool; Satin Oval, based on subtle geometries and shapes; Carved Stripe, a cotton epingle; Quilted Oval, a pared-down perspective on the traditional foulard-type design; Wool Velvet, a plush velvet; Framed Oval, woven of rayon and mercerized cotton; and Barkcloth, a 100 percent Trevira with a linen look.

MV2 is the best sleeper sofa produced by HBF's furniture

MV2 is the best sleeper sofa produced by HBF’s furniture with special texttiles

MV2 is the best sleeper sofa produced by HBF’s furniture with special textiles. Broadening HBF’s furniture offerings, Michael Vanderbyl’s MV modern furniture collection includes 16 pieces–lounge chairs, side seating, sleeper sofas, sofa beds, tables and accessories. Future additions include a swivel chair and metal side chair. Influenced by the design of the 1930s (think Frank), the pieces are “elegant, comfortable, classic yet modern at the same time,” says Vanderbyl. “I believe that their angular, simple forms are timeless.” The furniture is made with solid nickel-plated steel bases and reconstituted maple veneers. HBF and HBF Textiles, P.O. Box 8, Hickory, NC 28603.

This kind of texttiles make the lough chair and sofa bed very comfortable

This kind of texttiles make the lough chair and sofa bed very comfortable

Blanketing the Market

KNOLLTEXTILES IS OFFERING A WIDE VARIETY OF FABRICS this spring, including introductions for the commercial, residential, corporate, and hospitality markets. “If I had to choose one word to describe it all,” says Suzanne Tick, KnollTextiles’ creative director, “it would be diversity.” With an exhaustive array of products coming from the studio, highlights of the collection include panel fabrics, wall coverings, drapery, and upholstery.

Great materials for Furrniture Design of Recliner, Sleeper Sofa, as well as Lough Chair by KNOLLTEXTILES

Great materials for Furrniture Design of Recliner, Sleeper Sofa, as well as Lough Chair by KNOLLTEXTILES

To expand (“not duplicate,” says Tick) the company’s drapery offerings, the translucent Moonshadow has a subtle wool pinstripe. The 118-in. polyester and fine wool fabric is treated with a flame-retardant finish and is offered in four colors. Kybos, inspired by rough-cut stone, is woven in cotton and polyester with rayon that creates chiseled metallic accents. Its coordinate, Rib Stitch, is a small-scale layered grid pattern that “speaks to corporate America,” says Tick. “It is sophisticated and fight.” For the corporate and hospitality markets, SD, with a prominently raised rib, is offered in six colorways and is woven of polyester, rayon, and acrylic. Progression Striae, a panel fabric, is made of 100 percent polyester. Available in seven colors, this fabric can be used on panel systems and for wall coveting. KnollTextiles, 105 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012. circle 304


“I’VE BEEN SAILING MY WHOLE LIFE,” says designer Michael Vanderbyl, the creative force behind McGuire’s new Archetype outdoor furniture collection. “This collection was influenced by my love of materials from sailboats.” Combining plantation-grown teak and aluminum, the 14 pieces utilize a grid pattern as the primary design element. Functionality also plays a large role in the collection. The teak panels pop fight out for easy maintenance or damage control. For versatility, an ecru or black fiber webbing in a basket weave is also available. (“Add a few cushions and the chairs could be used indoors,” says Vanderbyl.) With a nod to Shaker design, the serving cart, which Vanderbyl describes as “a lounge chair meets soap box derby,” is equipped with a breadboard that slides out from underneath the grill, which can be replaced with a solid surface top, and two trays. As a companion to Vanderbyl’s furniture collection for McGuire’s sister company, Baker Furniture, Archetype shares the designer’s passion for simple, modern style. McGuire, 1201 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. circle 305

Changing Customs with Modern Chairs and Recliners

Dining Arm Chair

Dining Arm Chair

FOR 18 YEARS, DatesWeiser has been manufacturing custom casegoods and work stations for large-scale projects and boutique jobs. Recently, company president Allan Weiser realized that there was an unfulfilled need in the marketplace. “Offices should be more flexible since there is constant shifting of technology and people,” he says. So, Weiser did what any good businessman would. He went to Gensler, in particular the Washington, D.C. office, and spoke to product design professionals Kenneth Baker, Richard Logan, Jordan Goldstein, and Ehrin Gaag about creating an office system that would marry the company’s custom millwork tradition and today’s office needs.

The result is XO, a flexible, modular system that can be configured into a reception desk, an executive work wall, or clustered work stations. Made of wood veneer panels, an extruded aluminum structural system, and perforated metal, glass, and fabric details, XO takes a simple, minimalist approach and combines custom millwork quality with up-to-date technology and personnel needs. Joined together, XO work stations create a common spine wall. Within the wall are electricity, data, and communications access. To bring power to a space, connections exist below the work surface just above the top of the removable modesty panels. Another design detail: corners can be left open or closed with wood, aluminum, or perforated metal for personal design tastes.

With such varied inspirations as traditional Japanese craftsmanship and Mies van der Rohe, XO achieves its goal–a strong substitute for custom millwork in a standard kit of parts at a moderate price. DatesWeiser, 45 West 21st Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10010.

Custom Workstation

Custom Workstation

The Kron Jewels

Modern Office Chair

Modern Office Chair

IN TODAY’S DOG-EAT-DOG CONTRACT SEATING MARKET, there are few independent manufacturers dedicated to original, contemporary design. Kron, under the auspices of president Alex Illsen, is committed to preserving such design integrity. The company’s latest product offerings underscore its dedication. Spanish architect Jorge Pensi designed Mango, an upholstered armchair and sofa set, cheap recliners, and Peppermint, an upholstered lounge chair. Mango is also offered with an optional round table top, made from compact laminate in matte black with a 14 1/2- or 9 1/2-in. diameter. For the new collection, Pensi also created Aranda with arms (shown here in wood), a writing tablet, a pullout storage drawer, and/or a wire bin. Sistema, from Ramon Benedito, is upholstered tandem seating in two versions. One model has a separate seat and back; the other, a one-piece seat and back. Both are available with glass or compact laminate tabletops fixed between chair units or at either end of a chair row. Finally, Slim, by Perez Ortega, is a series of executive, management, conference, and task chairs with three upholstery options. A black elastometric fabric can be specified for the back with either fabric or leather on the seat top; a leather or fabric cushion cover protects the inside back and top sides; or a fully upholstered seat and back is available. Knee- and synchro-tilt mechanisms are offered as are two arm options: fixed or height adjustable. Kron, 1631 South Dixie Highway, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. www.kronusa.com circle 303

Comfortable but cheap recliners chair

Comfortable but cheap recliners chair

Same style with the recliner to be a couple

Same style with the recliner to be a couple

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From A Warehouse to A Villa

Converting a Warehouse

A rather straightforward entry stair bypasses the commercial ground floor as it leads up to the main living level. Here the couple and their two young boys enjoy an open-plan living and dining area with a kitchen that extends over the garden and is accessible from a rear exterior stair. Between the living and dining areas, an open stair occupies the original opening between floors; it leads up to the sleeping level, where there is a voluminous, skylit landing, three small bedrooms (one doubles as an evening reading room and guest bedroom), two baths, and a good deal of built-in storage. One story farther up is a mechanical/laundry room and a study area overlooking a generous, room-like roof terrace, complete with defining hedge, slate dining table, and outdoor fireplace.

“Although we were really limited in terms of space,” says Harris, “we thought it important to make rooms the clients didn’t necessarily need right away, but that would become important later as the children grow.” The guest room on the sleeping level, for example, can easily be converted into a child’s room, while the upper-level study could just as well accommodate occasional guests.

An open stair between the living and dining areas

An open stair between the living and dining areas

Aware of the conventions of historic preservation and architectural typology (and the pleasure of subverting them), Harris approached the project as an opportunity to take an older building and transport it into the present. In his words, “We were very careful about walking the line between things that are old and things that are new. In much of the home, especially on the main floor, our interventions are pretty invisible. But the elements we added, particularly the extension on the back and the top of the home, inflect themselves very differently.” The building envelope was stretched up and out to accommodate various program elements, and these extensions were designed and built in a decidedly modern way. The entire kitchen was built as an addition more than six feet above the rear garden. It is a thoroughly modern space wrapped in an aluminum and glass curtain wall, and its roof provides a terrace for the otherwise diminutive master bedroom. Likewise, the new uppermost level is built as an aluminum and glass box that admits light into the stairwell while providing access to the expansive, newly added roof patio.

Furniture for the Villa

Working with project architect Granger Moorhead, Harris approached the building shell respectfully. “There are too many New York homes where the first thing that hits you when you enter is the year it was renovated,” says Harris. Concrete, which had been poured over the original wood floor by a previous tenant, was removed immediately at the advice of a structural engineer. A new floor of antique hard pine was installed, running the width of the house except in the kitchen extension, where it runs front to back. Layers of white paint were hand-stripped from the open wood ceiling, freestanding partitions were removed, and completely new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were installed. Layers of paint were also removed from the facade, and Harris had the bricks repointed only as required. A new layer of gray stucco was applied to the base on the front while, at the rear, a colorful yellow stucco was added. New windows were installed in compliance with local landmarks law.

Modernist structure for the bedroom

Modernist structure for the bedroom

Modern and traditional elements commingle throughout the interior spaces, surfaces, and furnishings as well. This interplay reflects not only Harris’s interpretation of the building, but also the clients themselves. An investment banker who specializes in non-profit health care finance, Tom Whalen studied architecture at Yale University (where Harris currently teaches) and sees himself as a committed modernist. By contrast, Dana Whalen, a Presbyterian minister currently on sabbatical, prefers the 18th century style she enjoyed while studying in Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown quarter. What links the married couple is a shared taste for geometric rigor, smooth surfaces, and formal austerity.

Paneling used extensively through the lower and upper levels solves the practical need for storage while playing out the relation of new and old along vertical surfaces. The grid of paneling reiterates the grid of the curtain wall. The staircase between living and sleeping levels also mediates between new and old with its antique pine planks, modernist structure, and waxed steel rail. Likewise, the furnishings selected by Harris’s collaborator, Lucien Rees-Roberts, join modernist, 18th century, and more casual pieces within an elegant, straightforward ensemble.

Living Areas and Cross Sections

Unfussy and well-equipped, the living area works as well for entertaining as it does for children’s playtime. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves offer easy access to the couple’s treasured books while also providing a backdrop for works of art. Furniture moves out of the way to accommodate the boys’ sprawling train track and other toys. A baby grand piano sits comfortably in one corner. The dining area, furnished with a large wooden table and 18th-century chairs found at auction, meets the kitchen across a screen wall of cupboards.

Cross section design

Cross section design

Tucked behind the grid of white wood paneling are many different service spaces–bathrooms, closets, cabinets, nooks, and drawers–even a little room behind the baby grand that holds audio/visual equipment and other electronics. In one of the panels, a tiny door opens to reveal the original mason’s stone, hidden yet accessible to enhance its quirky aura. At all scales, Harris merges the contingencies and necessities of everyday life with the idiosyncracies of a historic building, and allows the results to come forth with a lively mix of pragmatism, possibility, and pleasure.

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`The Trends’ for furniture and interior design

House Decor Paper

In the first issue of Surfaces International, decor paper manufacturer ArjoWiggins discussed at length its bold introduction of `The Range’–an immense furniture catalogue of 286 colours, each represented by a chip of high pressure laminate for the furniture and interior design markets.

The Range was produced with the help of the company’s designer Didier Galerne and its creative agency in Paris, for the purpose of showing the huge diversity of possible colours from every colour family. The Range is ArjoWiggins’ base catalogue, and is designed for a long shelf life.

Do It Yourself room decoration with papers

Do It Yourself room decoration with papers

The company has just introduced the further phase of this project: `The Trends, Part One’. It consists of four leaflets carrying chips illustrating the colours within each trend, along with images that establish a setting for the colours and give a feeling for the mood they express. These trends are: Feeling of Nature; Black; Lights; and Urban.

Using the Material for Different Room Decoration

“We don’t want to show specific product use ideas,” says Dominique Estournes, marketing director for ArjoWiggins. “The purpose is not to say that `this colour goes in bathrooms, this one in kitchens, and that color for living room and bath room’, because I believe those limitations do not exist anymore. I think trends are not necessarily even geographically focused; they have in fact become very international.”

“Our intention is to offer a design resource to our customers. Some may not have their own designers, or may be looking for confirmation on the direction they see design going. We’ve set Didier Galerne free to combine his experience and his imagination to set the stage for colours sure to be in the wind in the world of furniture and interior design.”

Furniture Catalogue with multiple colors

Furniture Catalogue with multiple colors

These, then, are `The Trends’, in the words of Mr Galerne (see below).


This trend is like an imaginary voyage in a world of nature recreated. Harmonies, rhythms, materials and motifs are revealed as though sprung from a world of plants and minerals: aquatic translucences, undulating lines of graminal, the softness and freshness of flowers and herbs, the transparency and reflections of dew, the textures and tactile qualities of mineral.

Make your living room beautiful during Christmas with papers

Make your living room beautiful during Christmas with papers


Black is black. It is unique, absolute. Black is synonymous with night, mourning, fear, yet also and above all black is elegance, refinement, mystery and voluptuousness. Master in the fashion world, it permeates the home, rich in its different materials and varnishes, lacquers, plastics and silks. There is also the matte black of rubber, slate, velvets and leathers.


The light becomes more diaphanous, the colours light and airy. Motifs blur, soften, melt into a limitless universe. This range’s lightness accentuates the impression of space: architectural volumes with rigour, minimalist or repetitive spirit, the desire to overshadow, arrange, classify. Colours reduce to the point of becoming accents of light in a field of white. Space is magnified like a free terrain for our imagination.

An Art Picture hang in the wall of the house. You can make such an art to decorate your house easily

An Art Picture hang in the wall of the house. You can make such an art to decorate your house easily


In a universe in perpetual mutation, this trend synthesises the state of mind of the active city dweller, where there is a need for performance, modernity and efficiency that has little concern for comfort, or easy living. Symbols and technological materials that stem from sports adapt to other structures as well as to everyday life. Bright colours energetically punctuate new neutrals of grey and khaki.



Entertain outdoors in style this summer with the Electrolux E:Volution Compact Modular Barbecue with Slimline Lid. Its compact 750mm design and sleek finish makes it perfect for small spaces in your house. Available from Winning Appliances.

Winning appliance

Winning appliance


Transform your bedroom into a peaceful and cool sanctuary with this grey and white stripe bed linen, inspired by African tribal textiles. Woven in a soft cotton twill with contrast piping trim and woven stripe reverse.

Linen bedroom

Linen bedroom


Natio Sensitive Facial Cleansing Gel is a fragrance-free, low-foaming cleanser with green tea and cucumber to help dissolve away impurities leaving skin pure, soft and moist. For more information visit their website.


Maxwell & Williams You’re A Doll is a collection of four stackable mugs featuring a Babushka in Plum and Red, a Geisha and a Grenadier. These bright and colourful porcelain sets make the perfect Christmas gift! Microwave and dishwasher safe. Maxwell & Williams You’re A Doll Babushka Red Mug 420ml, $19.95.


Reduce your energy consumption and become more eco-friendly with a Solahart solar water heater. It makes sense to get your hot water free from the sun! For further information call 1300 721 914.


Made from Hawaiian upholstery fabric, these stylish accessories will bring a touch of the tropics to your home and your hand luggage! California bag, $79.95; Sanctuary cushion, $49.95; and Oasis cushion, $69.95. All in Palm Trees fabric.


These colourful, removable Label Pads and NoteTabs are designed to help you organise, identify and personalise your work and private life. Great for recipe books, files and folders.


The Replica Philippe Starck Mademoiselle chair ($269) has an innovative colourful design that will make any place feel alive. Available from Sokol Designer Furniture. Call (03) 9481 1884.


LUXAFLEX window fashions introduces new awnings, Ventura, Garda and Como. Named after Italian destinations, they are designed to maximise alfresco living all year round. Each comes in 29 fabric colours and 11 powder-coated hardware options.


Maxwell & Williams is proudly supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation with Pink Ribbon mugs. Introducing six bright colours to the Pink Ribbon Hope mug collection.


Crusoe uses a time-honoured technique to combine the natural world of texture and weave. The result is soft and inviting cotton in shades of carbon and linen. Quite simply it’s luxurious comfort for the bedroom. call 1800 625 516.


Award-winning design. Compatible and versatile. Easy installation and maintenance. Make an instant feature in your bathroom. Jump online  or call (02) 9889 7866.


Introducing Grandma’s Closet from Designer Rugs’ in-house collection Bella Vista. Made from a New Zealand rich wool blend with pure silk and sized to your specifications this design comes in three colour ways. Other colours can be made too. For more info call 1300 802 561.


Be inspired to rejuvenate your home with the latest designs at Beacon Lighting including a huge range of pendants, lamps, exteriors, energy-saving lighting for your house and Australia’s largest range of fans. Call 1300 BEACON or visit their site.

Beacon lighting

Beacon lighting


If you’re renovating your bathroom then look no further than Reece for beautiful products. Take the Ideal Standard Active range. It subtly combines curves, soft squares and oval shapes to provide a sense of harmony and balance. Visit their home page online for information and inspiration.


Over ten years of building on its expertise has made Solar Shop Australia a leader in solar power. But it’s still chasing the same goal today – finding the right solar power solution for you. For more details visit their site, or call 133 765.


Linea electrical accessories from HPM add colour and character to your home. Take your pick from 15 new colours available by special order from electrical wholesale and hardware stores. Call 1300 369 777, or visit their site for further information.


This timber daybed with cushions will complete your outdoor furniture arrangement with style and comfort. Their famous style is a combination of coffee tables and sport recliners together to create a comfortable outdoor space for your house. Available at participating Home Timber And Hardware stores, Thrifty-Link Hardware stores and Plants Plus Garden Centres. Priced at only $399.


There are now many options available when it comes to designing your dream bathroom for your home. Mirastar showerscreens help provide the illusion of space and light while still providing privacy and functionality. For more information visit their site


Get ready for summer and enjoy entertaining al fresco with the Del Terra Odin 7-piece outdoor setting (pictured). Available at participating Thrifty-Link Hardware stores for only $299.

Please note: not all products are available in all stores but can be ordered in. Participating stores only. While stocks last. Please check your local store for further details.


This stylish 2-piece setting – the FSC eucalyptus Daybed and Bench – work together or separately depending on your needs. Creative, adaptable and clever! Priced $448 (includes 2 base and 5 scatter cushions). Patio By Jamie Durie is exclusive to BIG W. Call 1800 251 311.


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Preserve memories in beautiful photo books from Harvey Norman PhotoCentres, $59.95.


For innovative features and attractive design at an affordable price, look to Haier’s 315L Top Mount Refrigerator (HTMR315SS). And at 450mm wide Haier’s Compact Dishwasher (HDW9WHT) packs big value for small spaces. For more information call 1300 729 948

Compact Diswasher

Compact Diswasher at haier


Be inspired this spring with the new range of cushions from Spotlight. Now you can affordably change the look of your home. There’s a wide range of gorgeous colours to choose from. Visit their site or call 1300 305 405.


Your online designer furniture store clickonfurniture has just launched a seriously cool and unique range of Danish-style furniture including various types of chair such as rocking chair, gliding chair, recliner chair, as well as table set. Visit their site or phone (03) 9417 1183 for more info.


Take a closer look at the inspiring collection of Design effects paints from Dulux and the myriad of ways they can completely transform a room. Go to their site or call 13 25 25.


If you have children or pets then you probably need a product to keep your floors smelling fresh. Enter no vac Pure & Fresh foam carpet deodoriser, which kills bacteria that cause odours. It’s available in a variety of fragrances. no vac is the perfect finishing touch to every clean.


When looking for leading bathroom design look no fruther than Kohler. Thanks to its innovative Flipstream technology the sprayface can simply rotate on its axis, with each side dedicated to one of four spray options. Call 1800 228 476 or visit their site


Micador Acrylic Paints are the perfect solution to home decorating! The high pigment content paint dries to a beautiful satin finish, so you can easily explore your creativity and brighten up your walls!


Re-visit the glamour of mid-20th century Palm Springs with Splash’s Palm Springs vanity. Available at 1200mm or 1500mm wide. Call the Splash Sydney Showroom for more details on (02) 8669 1744


The entrance is one of the most important areas of your home: it’s the fi rst (and last) thing you see. So make it count, with one of the many options to choose from at Corinthian Doors, including bold styles, graphic patterns and painted fi nishes. As a luxe bonus, a Corinthian pivot front- entry door banishes the need for hinges: ideal for extra tall or wide doors.


The International School of Colour and Design is an industry-recognised leader in educating people on the art of colour and design. Start a campus or correspondence course for fun or an exciting new career.

Recliner Chair

A recliner is a must have item in any house, not just for decoration, but is also a great relaxing place in the room. To find to best recliners, visit read recliner reviews in cuddly home advisors.

Recliner at cuddlehomeavisors.com

Recliner at Cuddly Home Advisors