We won this kitchen! Emma and John entered our Win an Ikea & Whirlpool kitchen competition last year – and they won! Here’s the big reveal

Win A Kitchen Makeover & Furniture

Win A Kitchen Makeover & Furniture

Win A Kitchen Makeover & Furniture

A lot of readers entered our “Win a $30,000 kitchen makeover from Ikea and Whirlpool” competition from the April 2010 issue – thousands of you, in fact. After an agonising and lengthy judging session – so many great entries! – the winners were decided upon: Emma Simmons and John Debono-Cullen of Ashbury in Sydney, who run their own retail art gallery and graphic design business, Sweets Workshop (Sweetsworkshop. com), in the nearby suburb of Summer Hill.

About Emma and John’s home

Their home, built in 1916, is a traditional workers’ cottage. It’s a great house, but there was one big problem: the kitchen was terrible. “It was very small and dark, with only a tiny work area,” Emma says. “The rest was filled with a large fridge and oven. It didn’t have a pantry or nearly enough storage.”

Their problem with cooking place

One of the biggest problems was that the couple love to cook together but the layout wouldn’t allow them to. The rarely used dining room, however, was three times the size of the kitchen and had a skylight. So when they found out they’d won the competition, they were overjoyed. But put a new kitchen in that tiny space? No way!


The kitchen in their house is small for the two who both love cooking

The kitchen in their house is small for the two who both love cooking

The solution for their kitchen

The solution: swap the kitchen and dining rooms around. Time to get planning!

“Choosing the kitchen, dining table & chair set, and appliances involved a series of visits to Ikea,” Emma says. “They supported our idea to move the kitchen into the dining area to create a larger cooking space. They also helped us plan our kitchen, and gave us guidance on the fitout.”

So why has it taken so long for real living to feature the new kitchen and dining room? “Working with a 100-year-old house that hadn’t been renovated since the 1950s opened up a can of worms,” Emma explains. First it was a series of no-show tradesmen, which threw their timeline out. “Then, once the plumber had started on moving the pipes, we discovered that half the flooring was rotten. This caused more delays while we got the floors replaced.” Then, once the electrician had positioned the powerpoints, some of the walls started crumbling, and the couple had to call in a plasterer. Groan. So the Ikea installer was continually put on hold.

But it was all worth it, and winning the competition freed up funds for swapping the rooms. “Now we look forward to Sunday, when we can prepare a slow roast together, ” Emma says. “We spend hours in the kitchen and relish our time there.” Congratulations guys!

Top 5 equipment every beginner of woodworking must have

If you are a new user who would like to get started as a woodworker, you could think that you will need to buy a lot of professional power equipment to start your woodworking tasks, which will cost you a fortune. Nevertheless, the fact is that you do not need to waste much money on those woodworking equipment and the only thing you should do is to read the following top 5 power equipment to start. Those equipment that I suggest below won’t make you go frustrated and some of them are very affordable and cheap. As a beginner, you could use them to resolve many woodworking tasks.

With those top 5 woodworking equipment, we have listed them in the order of importance.

  1. Buzz saw

The first equipment that I highly recommend is the buzz saw. You would think that it is only a carpentry machine, but I want to consider it as a great woodworking equipment. As a flexible standard power machine, a buzz saw is more effective than other power devices. It could be able to tackle many projects as precisely as a table saw. You can even use it to cut average-density fibreboard and plywood. If you only have a tight budget, such a quality buzz saw could be a mandatory power equipment for you thanks to its flexibility and versatility.

  1. Power Drill

When it comes to drill, you could think of the best cordless drills. Nevertheless, a corded drill could be much more helpful, powerful and flexible than a cordless drill when you tackle woodworking tasks. A cordless, of course, means more flexible but more expensive or less powerful compared to a corded one. When you select a drill, some choices must be taken into consideration, namely the size of the chuck, with or without key, straight or hammer drill.

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